Alle Jahre wieder

Daniell Berding

Frank Tolksdorf

Lars Fischer

video and stills


Rookie Days

Rookie Days Animation Video from laserfisch on Vimeo.

video and stills



basement from laserfisch on Vimeo.

bouncing bubbles in the basement

video and stills


autobahn nightdrive – timelapse

120 km from Bremen to Hamburg on the autobahn.

video / photo
lars fischer

daniell berding

video and stills


quadrocopter flight

Quadrocopter Flight from laserfisch on Vimeo.

music by

video and stills


Hetlinger Schanze cheep clip
Hetlinger Schanze from laserfisch on Vimeo.

video and stills


xxy / time lapse – tilt shift video
xxy from laserfisch on Vimeo.

road and construction site in the hafencity in hamburg, germany. Tilt shift imitation – one shoot – instrumental track by Christos Zarampoukas.

video and stills


sky climber

video and stills


DDB Geburtstagsvideo 2013

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