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TPDG „StreetJazz“ – An Audiovisual Postcard From NYC

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TPDG "StreetJazz" – An Audiovisual Postcard From NYC from TPDG Supplies Co. on Vimeo.

„The Story of New York City got told a billion times and that's for a reason. We are talking about some kind of a magnetic pull, wether it's the concrete, asphalt or the different smell of each corner. Speaking out loud „New York City“ is like music in your ears and that may be the reason why they name it twice. Even though it did not always worked out the way we wanted it to be, the city was constantly inspiring. We spent 3 weeks in a Brooklyn apartment – followed and filmed by Gerrit Piechowski. The Result is a audiovisual postcard including the soundtrack by Falk Schacht.“

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LOCAL from Sean Slobodan on Vimeo.

Inspired by the photography of my good friend Weston Colton ( and @westoncolton ) and featuring local skaters from the Salt Lake and Utah Valleys, this film was only made possible with the help of countless friends and the support of a beautiful wife. Thank you Weston Colton, Luke Jackson, Wayne Nilsson, Davis Ngarupe, Steve Aaron, Kurt Hale, Andrew Hair, Connor Prady, Zac Eskelsen, Jacob and Katie Schwarz, James Winegar, Brian Grow, Brenan Klain and everyone else who volunteered their time and advice.

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The Journey of the Beasts

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The Journey of the Beasts from Sebastian Linda on Vimeo.

The Journey of the Beasts ———————— Subs in English, German, Spanish, Russian Language now

Co-Produced by (The boards and shirts from the movie will be available soon.)
A film by – FB:

“24 years ago I saw the first Skateboarder in my life. Since that day I had the dream of being a Skateboarder. 24 years later we took our Skateboards and travelled to the other side of the world, to create that dream for someone else.” Sebastian Linda

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